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Azores Jerky is the first and only artisan jerky producer in the Azores, Portugal (an archipelago made up of 9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean). Located on the beautiful island of Pico, we began officially in 2020, but you could say that the concept and the desire existed at least 10 years before, when we moved our family from Southern California to Pico island. The incredible beauty and nature of the Azores – and yes, even a bit of the isolation due to its location – immediately won us over as a dream location to raise our kids. Over the years we’ve enjoyed the high quality, more natural products produced in the Azores, such as the cheeses, the wine, the seafood, the honey and fresh local produce, and, of course, the beef. However, being natives of California, there was one snack we really missed, something that we just couldn’t find here – beef jerky. (Its taste as well as its practicality… like the time our kids were going to hike Pico mountain and we had to pack food for the 7-9hr round-trip trek. High energy food that was light enough to carry… Beef jerky would have been perfect!) And then there is the fact that the meat produced in the Azores is 100% free-range and grass-fed, so there was no doubt in our minds that it would make excellent beef jerky! (And it does, trust us.)


There was no other option; we did what any other desperate beef jerky lovers would do – we began making it ourselves, in our kitchen. Just for us, initially. And then we shared it with some friends, and then they shared it with friends, and pretty soon they wanted to buy some to take back to family in the States and Canada, and then other requests started coming in, and we realized we were onto something.
Since then we’ve upgraded and moved operations to our HACCP-certified facility, but we continue producing the same small batch, artisan jerky, using locally sourced ingredients and 100% free-range and grass-fed beef from the Azores. It’s one of a kind, because the Azores are one of kind. And it’s been fun to introduce the people of the Azores and mainland Portugal to beef jerky – even though it’s not a traditional Azorean or Portuguese snack, they seem to be loving it as much as we do!
That’s our mission at Azores Jerky, to provide a healthy snack alternative that takes advantage of the high-quality, natural products of the Azores. And of course, we want to share the Azores with the rest of the world – it really is amazing. So even if you can’t make it out for a visit, try Azores Beef Jerky and get a taste of the Azores in every bite!


Happy snacking!
Griff and Tricia Alker

Healthy and High Quality Products

Our products are high in protein and low in calories and fat.

A quick snack

A quick and easy, no-mess snack that can be eaten anywhere!

Unique gift

It is a unique gift for that special person who already has “everything”.

Local Products

Healthy, high quality product made with locally sourced ingredients from the Azores Islands.

Top 5 Benefits to eating

Azores Beef Jerky

  1. Lots of protein, so a quick fuel boost for your body, without the sugar crash afterwards
  2. Full of iron, zinc and B vitamins to keep your immune system firing
  3. A lean meat, with almost no fat – and no guilt!
  4. A quick and easy, no-mess snack, that can be eaten anywhere!
  5. Light and easy to carry so you can take it with you to school, the gym, work and on vacation
Azores Jerky
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