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Azores Beef Jerky Marca açores Azores Beef Jerky Handcrafted beef jerky

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Azores Beef Jerky

Azores Jerky is the first and only artisan jerky producer in the Azores, Portugal (an archipelago made up of 9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean). Located on the beautiful island of Pico, we began officially in 2020, but you could say that the concept and the desire existed at least 10 years before, when we moved our family from Southern California to Pico island.

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Beef jerky is not a typical Portuguese snack, so we invited some people from the Azores to try Azores Beef Jerky for the first time.

What will their reaction be?


Know our products

We produce small-batch, handcrafted beef jerky with locally sourced ingredients.  Our beef comes from cows that roam free in the green pastures of the Azores islands, soaking in the sun and fresh clean air of the Archipelago. We believe we’ve perfected our flavors, so you can be sure each batch is bursting with what you crave.  Always savory, sometimes a little bit sweet (Original), or with a spicy kick (Picante)… you choose! And with an average of 49g of protein and only 2g of fat per 100g of our beef jerky, you will be fueled and full in no time, without the guilt! Be sure to take a bag with you – on your next adventure, to the office, to school, or even just to enjoy at home with your favorite beverage.  It’s the perfect, healthy choice.  But be warned – it’s hard to eat just one piece!


Gostaria de informar que não só encontrei como eu e minha esposa já devoramos um pacote!!! Já tinhamos experimentado uma versão mas o vosso tem um sabor mais natural. 5 estrelas.

Alvaro R.

Hi Azores Jerky team! I was just visiting Pico and Flores, and I tried some of your jerky. It is fantastic.

Adam W.

...toda a gente no escritório gostou, parabéns!

Ana S.

Venho por este meio dar os parabéns pelo vosso Jerky, que é delicioso.

Francisco P.


Doug S.

“I’ve been in the Azores this summer and I loved Azores Beef Jerky.”

Andrea N.

“… my husband and I decided we would do our first hike here on the island. It was three hours uphill from the convent in Cais, up in the direction of Lagoa do Capitão. Unfortunately (that day), we didn’t make it to our goal destination. Fortunately, we had some Azores Beef Jerky to sustain us throughout our extra lengthy journey.”

Lilia B.

“É ótimo gostei muito o primeiro a gente estranha mas depois torna-se um vício x) Obrigada pela simpatia e disponibilidade!”

Ana V.

“Trabalhar com produtos de excelência é sempre um prazer e o vosso Azores Beef Jerky tem um sabor extraordinário ”

Rita M.

“5 estrelas”

Joana L.

“É muito bom!”

André G.

“Recebi hoje, simplesmente divinal.”

José P.
Azores Jerky
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